About the National Championship Exams

The National Championship Exams are a series of multiple choice exams in many different disciplines in science and history. Prior qualification is not required, as these tests are only administered at Nationals.

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Exam Instructions

National Championship Exam Schedule

All times listed are Eastern Time. Registration will close at 11:59pm Eastern on May 1, 2021. Results will be available 3-5 days following the conclusion of the exam period.

Exam Date & Time Results
Historical Geography Monday 5/10 – 7:00pm
Black American History Monday 5/10 – 7:45pm
Military History Tuesday 5/11 – 7:00pm
Asian History Tuesday 5/11 – 7:45pm
Chemistry ** Wednesday 5/12 – 7:00pm
Physics ** Wednesday 5/12 – 7:45pm
Women’s History Monday 5/17 – 7:00pm
Latin American History Monday 5/17 – 7:45pm
Biology Tuesday 5/18 – 7:00pm
Ecology & Environmental Science Tuesday 5/18 – 7:45pm

** The National Championship Exams in both Physics and Chemistry are open to Middle and Elementary students but will not have separate Middle and Elementary divisions; as such, Middle and Elementary students will take the same exam as Varsity and Junior Varsity students and will be scored against Junior Varsity students.