Participants in the 2022 National Championships are required to stay at one of the official Nationals host hotels, each of which provide a discounted rate for IAC participants using the links below. The only exceptions to this requirement are participants who reside within a 3-hour driving distance of the Hyatt Regency Orlando (where all competitions will be taking place), or participants who made reservations at hotels before March 15, 2022 (when this requirement was announced). By staying at the official host hotels, we can ensure that the hotels are able to provide enough event space for the competitions that take place throughout Nationals weekend!

IAC will arrange circulating shuttle buses between the Rosen Inn hotels and the Hyatt on a regular basis, but we cannot guarantee space availability on a shuttle at any specific time. As such, we advise participants to plan on arriving early if staying at one of the Rosen Inn hotels to ensure students are able to compete! We advise against renting a car, as there is limited parking availability at the Hyatt.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Both The Hyatt and the Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando now have very limited availability. The next closest option is the Rosen Inn International, with the Rosen Inn Universal just one block further. Both are a 10 minute drive from the Hyatt.

Rosen Inn Universal

$119per night
  • 6327 International Drive
  • Closest to Universal Studios

Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando

$139per night
  • 9000 International Drive
  • 15 minute walk to the Hyatt Regency Orlando

Hyatt Regency Orlando

$159per night
  • 9801 International Drive
  • All competitions will be held here!

Rosen Inn International

$139per night
  • 7600 International Drive
  • 10 minute drive to the Hyatt Regency Orlando

Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista

$119per night
  • 8442 Palm Parkway
  • Closest to Walt Disney World